Privacy Policy

All information that could be used to directly or indirectly identify a person who used our service (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") will be managed according to our privacy policy, which requires AKAmedia to use personal information safely and appropriately.

1. Collection of Personal Information

Personal information is only collected in the following ways:

  1. The operation of the AKAmedia business system;
  2. The direct provision of media of documents;
  3. Acquisition through use of services; and
  4. Corporate consent of provision of information

Some services require the provision of important personal information including biometrics for facial recognition. Please exercise due caution and judgement when providing personal information.

2. Use of Personal Information

We collect personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Provision of services;
  2. Identity verification, authentication, member management;
  3. Response to inquiries;
  4. Billing of fees;
  5. Notification of services;
  6. Upgrading and testing of services;
  7. Investigation, analysis, marketing of usage status of services;
  8. Transmission of e-mail newsletters;
  9. Advertising, promotion, solicitation of our company and third parties; and
  10. Others purposes set by our company.

In addition, when we receive personal information from a third party the contains instructions regarding the use of that information, we will use the personal information per those instructions.
Please note that we are not responsible for the personal information provided by members on an external site if the link to the external site is posted on our site or in an e-mail newsletter.

3. Provision of Personal Information

We may provide personal information to a third party in the following instances:

  1. To provide services and settle fees;
  2. To inform successors of mergers, business transfers, or other beneficiaries of business transactions;
  3. To exercise the rights of our company;
  4. To comply with confidentiality obligations;
  5. To comply with a disclosure request or order from a public institution including but not limited to law enforcement or judicial institutions; and
  6. When allowed by law or consented by the members of AKAmedia.

4. Our Management

We will strictly manage personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. We will protect personal information and will not provide personal information to third parties outside the instances that are described in this privacy policy.

5. Publication on our site

Members agree that information that cannot be used to identify them including but not limited to nicknames, member status, or posted content will be displaced by the AKAmedia website.

6. Change

This privacy policy may be changed. Users and the public will be notified of any material changes on the AKAmedia website.

Supplementary provisions

This policy will come into effect on January 1, 2020.