Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


AKAmedia Japan innovates its own services every day by using AI, application of big data, marketing analysis to create "a world that starts with art.” We will fulfill our social responsibilities as a company by developing services that bring sustainable development goals (SDGs) to society that will build the culture of the next generation.

AKAmedia Japan works towards the realization of an ultra-smart society (Society 5.0) with an eye on the era of lives of 100 years, the seeks and enables human development and richer life. We support this vision through our services.

【CSR Efforts】

1. Environmental planning

We will work to contribute to a positive environment. AKAmedia Japan strives to build an ecological circulation system for society as a whole through long-term activities in developing its own services. In addition to being involved in the development of products rooted in environmental conservation, AKAmedia Japan will engage in activities to increase people's interest in the natural environment problems of our era, allowing each and every one of us to coexist with nature in mind.

2. Development of Culture and Art

Culture and arts foster people's creativity and enhance their expressiveness,
forming a rich society that accepts people's emotional connections, mutual understanding, and diversity, that moves towards world peace.
The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has brought an unprecedented stifling of the entertainment industry in sectors including live music, theatre and sports.
There is an increasing number of groundbreaking attempts using the internet, such as unattended events and online live performances, but the reality is that it is difficult to make sufficient profits with a single performance.
Therefore, AKAmedia Japan has developed "LIVE! AKAmedia", an Upfront Investment Performance Distribution System that gives artists a place to play an active role and can earn continuous profits (Patent No. 6820627). Connecting talent, audiences, and financial support to create sustainable relationships.
We will build the performance stage for the next generation that maintains the development of culture and art for both performers and audiences.

3. Promoting Education

Education plays a major role in overcoming major changes in a rapidly evolving society and enabling people to live active and prosperous lives. Everyone can maximize their "potential" by demonstrating their unique sensibilities and creativity and maximize the "chance" that everyone can take on the challenge of their dreams.
There is a need to promote reforms to realize them together. AKAmedia Japan uses its patented technology to strengthen the digital infrastructure for the education of the next generation and to develop a new education model that responds to the changing times and gives everyone an equal footing. We are working to innovate our own services with the aim of creating an environment where we can receive and improve the level of education.
As part of our own service "Auto Academy" business, we provide original audiovisual materials for transportation education to driving schools, educational institutions such as schools, related ministries and media free of charge. We aim to create a safer, more secure and accident-free society by improving drivers' knowledge and distributing traffic education from an earlier age.

4. International Cooperation

AKAmedia Japan promotes human and cultural international exchange by expanding services that apply its patented technology overseas. The application of its technology will contribute to the international role in the global society, ultimately human welfare, and human development. When considering the international environment surrounding Japan, the importance of personal communication activities, which are the basis of each country, has never been as urgent. Genuine international communication leads to attempts to understand people of the world, fostering mutual recognition by knowing the culture, and raising the awareness of international solidarity to move towards world peace.
International human exchange, its means, and business development that enhances international cooperation to respond to this global era are truly national issues and international demands.

5. Economic revitalization

AKAmedia Japan will utilize its unique IT technology to establish a stable economic foundation that is fair and rational for businesses in all industrial fields and can respond to various social situations such as natural disasters and viral infectious diseases. In our "Auto Academy" business, we use our patented technology to provide a strict online training system that complies with the laws and regulations of the National Police Agency. In addition to reducing the burden on parents, aim to revitalize and develop the automobile industry by increasing the number of new license holders by improving the convenience of obtaining licenses.